About Kaine

Kaine Thompson is a writer, editor and author of several books, screenplays, and short stories that celebrate and encourage women. Her grandmother and mother taught her that she could do anything a man could do and was of equal value to God. Her great grandmother was a suffragette and her great aunt at age 77 set up a lawn chair under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to protest the Vietnam War.

Born into this rich feminist legacy, her mission is to empower women.

Kaine holds a Master’s degree in writing from California State University Northridge and a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oregon. Before her retirement from a career in higher education, she was an award-winning public relations and marketing professional, primarily  as a communication administrator.

As a university spokesperson, she became adept at media relations. She has many years experience working with publications and taking printed projects from concept to design, from print to distribution. Early in her career she worked at a radio station, a magazine and as a freelance writer. She also worked at two California newspapers, first as an editor of advertising supplements and then as a reporter covering city government and crime.

From the Author

I began my life on the shores of the state of Maryland but grew up on the desert plains of Southeast Idaho where the wild things roam. It wasn’t long before I roamed as well. After a failed attempt to elope, I married at age 18 and began a life of motherhood, travel and writing. I lived in Holland for a few years where I worked for an import/export company and traveled extensively throughout Europe, including a covert trip into Romania during the Cold War, which I chronicled in my memoir, “Perilous Journey: The Memoir of a Bible Smuggler.”

I  raised two brilliant sons in three different states–Colorado, Oregon, and California–and believe it made them incredibly well-rounded, creative and savvy. After my marital emancipation, I moved to Massachusetts, then California, and now Arizona, working primarily in higher education.

I love writing with a fine ink pen, browsing old bookstores, reading, sketching, swimming, bicycling and growing cacti. I have a passion for my children, grandchildren and cats (whenever they come into my life). I live outside Phoenix, Arizona and am working on several new novels.