Procrastination: The Bane of New Writers (2/2)

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As 2013 comes to an end, have you discovered that you didn’t write as much on your book as you had planned? Is it due to procrastination? I am not a procrastinator, but I do allow myself some latitude for musing and meditating on my subject. After I decide on my subject, I engage in intense researching. Once I have a sufficient amount, I let the information settle and marinate within my soul. Where I go wrong is when a creative bubble comes up from the stew of diverse bits of information and I let it “pop” without capturing...

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Procrastination: The Bane of New Writers (1/2)

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As the end of the year approaches, have you discovered that you didn’t write as much on your book as you had planned? Is it due to procrastination? The truth is no matter how much time we are given, we always run up against our own procrastination and time does not stop for us. Before we know it, the year is over and our book is in the same state that it was at the beginning of the year. This is the bane of all new authors. They have not developed a system or a rhythm of their own which keeps them on track. They have not acquired the...

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Park Benches and Hearing from God (2/2)

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I have had years of experience following my inner dialogue and years of experience following my gut instincts–but I am now seeking and waiting for the voice of God to give me direction. Every morning, I ask God to direct my day and to cross my path with those who need some love or light. When I was out walking, I saw a man sitting on a park bench. He was an ordinary man, reading a newspaper, but I was reminded of an incident that happened a few years ago that taught me about the voice of God. This is the 2nd installment to my 2-part...

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Park Benches and Hearing from God (1/2)

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  ‘Tis the season to reflect on your relationship with your fellow human beings and with God. In this 2-part article, I want to share an experience I had which taught me more about how to hear from God. When I was living in Carlsbad, CA, I would walk to the ocean for an hour’s walk on the beach. One particular day, on my way home, a poor, ragged man left a deli in front of me with a cup of coffee in his hand. He had long, thin scraggly hair, an unruly beard covering his chest, and worn out clothes and shoes. He sat on a park bench...

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Wordsworth’s Words are Well Worth Reading

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Writing good work requires that you read good writing. It is my belief that you should not restrict your self to best-sellers or even great novels, but become familiar with the great poets. Poetry is spare writing and words are carefully chosen. William Wordsworth’s words are worth reading. Wordsworth was an English poet from the Romantic period. His life was overshadowed by death which surely impacted his poetry. He lost his mother when he was 8, his father when he was away at school, and later after he married, 3 of his 6 children. He...

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Fragments and the Art of Writing

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  As a teacher of writing, I work with people who are often terrified of writing. I gently lead them through sentence and paragraph construction until they feel comfortable communicating with the written word.  They cling to grammatical rules, but often struggle with sentence fragments. Fragments often show up when the writer starts a sentence with a prepositional phrase, a dependent clause, an infinitive or a gerund. (For those who have forgotten, a gerund is a non-finite verb form that often ends in ing, such as We love going out....

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A Single Candle Illuminates the Darkest Night

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A single candle can illuminate the darkest night. If there is darkness, the strike of one match makes your way clear. The full moon can bring a silvery glow to outline the horizon, giving a new perspective. There is no darkness so dark that it cannot be dispelled by a single light. The importance of light is so great in human existence, that the American Heritage Dictionary has 19 different definitions to define it. In order to have darkness, you must extinguish every light, but one flicker of “electromagnetic radiation” destroys its...

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Strange Fruit and Strange Flowers

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In this world, oddities abound; strange fruit and strange flowers, strange beasts and even stranger humans. There is beauty in the strangeness of these things created in the world. Strangeness is arresting–you have to stop and look. You can’t accept what your eyes see. Each of us is different, unique in the world. No one else is like you. You are the creation of an infinite God whose creativity is infinite. Did you ever wonder why snowflakes are unique? If a pattern is created, why not keep reproducing it over and over? Why the need...

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E-publishing: Access For Authors

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E-publishing gives new authors access to a reading public as never before. The opportunity to share a unique message with an international audience through an e-book has never been greater. Once shut out by a monolithic publishing industry, writers of fiction and non-fiction now have access to readers as never before. Ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439, the world has relied on the printed page to communicate to large audiences. The printing of books and the Gutenberg Bible gave ordinary people access to...

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Write Out Of Our Mouths and Minds

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What we write or what comes out of our mouths or minds is a personal choice. What we speak is what we get. Our words, what we say and declare or write and believe, will manifest in our lives. If our words are negative, we will get more of the same. People are repulsed by negativity. But, if our words are positive and uplifting, people will be drawn to us. Good things will come to us. This is an immutable law. It is easy to get pulled into negative thinking, negative speaking, and negative writing.  The news we hear is all bad, not just bad...

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