Remember Her For This: A Study on the Women in the GospelsMy latest book, “Remember Her For This: A Study on the Women in the Gospels” is now available on Amazon for $15.00. It contains meditations for individuals and study questions for group discussions.

This thought-provoking book is written particularly for women from a feminine perspective. It focuses on the women who encountered Jesus as recorded in the Gospels. It covers all the Marys, the Samaritan woman, the Canaanite woman, the bleeding woman, the women disciples, and more.

Jesus purposefully revealed the character and heart of God to these women so that they are included in the Word of God. Their stories must be told because divine Truth was imparted to them and they are remembered. Their unique encounters reveal that God wants all women to live an abundant life in the fullness of His Spirit.

My purpose for writing this book is to reveal Jesus’ heart through an examination of His encounters with women. It is evident that Jesus did not consider women “second-class citizens” but heirs of the Kingdom with all the rights and responsibilities of a child of God. Gender in no way excludes women from a calling to evangelize, to pastor a church, to minister healing, or to teach.

At this moment in time, when evil grows and hatred abounds, Christian women need to accept their God-given calling and boldly step into their destiny.


[Jesus said] And I tell you this in solemn truth, that wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and praised. — Mark 14:9