Whether you have written a book that needs editing or a writing project that needs review or a quick polish, E-maginative Writing offers great service.

Go for a hands-on, creative approach to your writing project whether you need:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Reading – analysis of your manuscript provided
  • Create Your Memoirs
  • Copywriting (web or print)


Whether you are looking for someone to write your blog, web article or press release, E-maginative Writing will work with you to identify and reach your customers with persuasive copy that reflects your ideas and values.

Editing Services

Don’t let grammar, spelling, punctuation, and composition stop you in your tracks. E-maginative Writing can provide you with high quality copy and prose that will bring you the right kind of attention. Services range from light to extensive editing.

Manuscript Reading/Book Analysis

If you have a finished a manuscript and need a professional reader to provide feedback and constructive criticism, my service provides annotated commentary and a summary review.


It’s time to record your well-lived life and preserve your memories to share with future generations.  Through a series of recorded interviews with a professional, you will be able to reminisce and create an oral history, which can be made into a book.  Time waits for no one, so what are you waiting for? Confidential and discreet.