Manuscript Reader

Woman on a laptopAre you looking for someone who will read your book and give you an honest appraisal of your manuscript? Have you considered a professional reader?

You have spent months, even years, on your book. You’ve written it, rewritten it, revised it, and made it as good as you possibly can make it. Your mom read it and said it was great. Your friends found some typos and said it was ready to publish. You know that the more eyes you have on it, the better it will be, but as good as these readers are, they are not objective and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. You appreciate their kindness, but you want a real scrubbing of your manuscript.

You are ready for a professional.  You need someone who has the credentials and a proven track record to to read your manuscript and give you an objective, professional opinion.
My compassionate reading service provides constructive criticism and analysis of your book, chapter by chapter. It also provides you with a written summary of the work and recommendations. This is not an editing service, but it is an affordable way to revise your manuscript based on professional suggestions.