I Remember Nobody

FemCorps 2 cover 2
In the second FemCorps novel, I Remember Nobody, Hannah Ward, Pilgrim VII, an agent of FemCorps, returns to active duty. She is eager to prove her reliability after the sudden emanation of her Talent and her narrow escape from being sent to the Center for Feminine Research by Cyn Beda, FemCorps’ ruling body.

Hannah arrives in the village of Soucieu-en-Bleu, France, to investigate the brutal murder of a lonely old woman, Leslie Fournier. She makes contact with Raina Villeaux, prioress of the Holy Order of Pious Sisters who wants justice for her parishioner. The prioress warns her that there is more going on than what’s on the surface.

One of 20 original Pilgrims of FemCorps, an underground network of women established in 2038, Hannah relies on her intuition and other feminine Talents to solve crimes against women.

She has only recently mastered her singular Talent: Cloaking; the ability to cover her personal energy and move unseen, which comes in handy as she uncovers Fornier’s 18-year-old secret that puts a young woman’s life in danger–a secret that could change the world

Pilgrim VII’s investigation sends her on the trail of a royal heir who is unaware of her birthright and the assassins who pursue her. Using her intuition and Cloaking Talent, Hannah stays one step ahead of the killers until she meets a deadly foe who outmaneuvers her at every turn and appears to be killing everyone connected to the secret.

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