FemCorps cover 2
 is the foundation for the Hannah Ward science fiction mystery series. It is a wry, fun read.

FemCorps is a covert, global investigation agency that relies on intuition and other feminine Talents to solve crimes against women. Once sanctioned under Homeland Security, FemCorps is forced underground when the tide of popular opinion turns against them because of their unorthodox methods.

In 2047, Hannah Ward, code name Pilgrim VII, is one of 20 elite agents with unique and powerful Talents. However, Hannah is having a crisis of faith. Even though her intuition is of the highest level, her Talent has not yet surfaced.

She questions whether FemCorps’ Full Disclosure Policy is more so Cyn Beda, the ruling body of five highly evolved women, can snoop into people’s minds, rather than a valid investigative technique. Good, old fashioned foot work is her preference. Because of her lack of Talent, her growing skepticism, and her lapse in protocol, Cyn Beda assign her to a low-level sexual harassment case with Pilgrim XX, Ori Stein, a former retired agent who “senses” something more sinister is going on.

Hannah dismisses Ori’s psychic evidence as the ravings of an ultra-religious zealot. She is devastated when she learns Ori is dead–from accidental drowning. Only Hannah’s intuition says it’s murder. Filled with guilt over Ori’s death and suffering from sudden blackouts, Hannah is put on a very short leash.

When Cyn Beda, decide that she has become unreliable and a danger to herself and the Corps, Hannah’s Talent emanates with such potency that she escapes their inevitable judgment.

Now a rogue agent, Hannah Ward, Seventh Pilgrim of FemCorps, is on the run and on the hunt for a killer.