Remember Her For This: A Study on the Women in the Gospels
Remember Her For This: A Study on the Women in the Gospels 
is a thought-provoking book written particularly for women, focusing on those women who met Jesus as recorded in the Gospels. It covers all the Marys, the Samaritan woman, The Canaanite woman, the bleeding woman, the women disciples and more.

There is so much we can learn from these women who met Jesus when he walked among us; how much he valued them, listened to them and loved them. He took every opportunity to free them not only from sin, illness, and death but also from societal oppression and the Law.

He purposefully revealed the character and heart of God to certain women so that their encounters would be remembered and become a part of the Word of God. Their stories had to be told because the impartation of divine Truth was given to them. When you read these unique encounters between Jesus and women, you will realize that God wants all women to live in the fullness of His Spirit.

The book also includes meditations for individuals and study guide questions for group discussions.

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