Kaine Thompson

Kaine Thompson is a dynamic speaker and available to speak to your organization. As an author, she will be happy to speak about her books. Her new book, “Superstition Murder Club” will be available in October. Her topics include “The Writer’s Life,” “Write an E-Book,” “How To Take Your Own Book From Self to Shelf,” “Cash in on a White Paper” and other subjects on writing and publishing. She also speaks on spiritual issues for Christian women based on her book, “Face-to-Face: The Women Who Met Jesus.”

Author of Fiction and Nonfiction

With ten books to her credit, Kaine Thompson loves to talk about her creative process and how she develops her ideas. Her newest novel, Superstition Murder Club, is available in print for book signing opportunities.

From her presentation, “The Writer’s Life,” you will learn:

  • Where her ideas come from and how she develops them
  • How she makes her characters come alive
  • How she writes dialog that’s believable
  • How she researches before she begins–even for fiction

Words to Grow ByPublisher of E-maginative Writing

As CEO of E-maginative Writing, Kaine Thompson is interested in seeing more people write the book that is inside them.

Learn how to gain instant credibility, position yourself as an expert and make more money by writing a book on what you already know.

From her presentation, “How To Take Your Own Book From Self to Shelf,” you will learn how to:

  • Grow your business by writing a book
  • Create a successful writing roadmap
  • “Mine for gold” to create valuable chapters
  • Find and sustain your authentic voice
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field
  •  Remember: When you write what you know, your credibility will grow, and the money will flow!

Are you interested in creating an e-book? Kaine Thompson will speak on how the publishing industry is changing and the opportunities available to new authors through e-publishing.

From her presentation, “Write an E-book” you will learn:

  • An overview of the trend from print to electronic publishing

  • Why new writers should pursue e-publishing
  • The process of writing an e-book
  • Formatting your e-book
  • Marketing your e-book

How about writing a “white paper” that will show off your talent or expertise and bring more clients to your door?

In her presentation, “Cash In On A White Paper,” Kaine Thompson will reveal how to use a 10-15 page report to add a powerful component to your marketing mix.

  • Create  a written report from what you already to know
  • How to make your paper a fun and interesting read
  • Why you should make it available online for free
  • How you can use it to build your data base

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