Write An E-Book

printing press 1700sIn my talk, “Write An E-book,” I outline the phenomenal changes that have occurred in the publishing industry that make it more possible than ever for new authors to get published.

If you have a book in you, consider making it an e-book. For 600 years, there has been a single option for publishing a book–a printing press.

That paradigm is shifting. A second option is now available for authors, particularly first-time authors. If you have a book in you, you can now publish electronically and distribute it globally.

Very few will argue that e-publishing is growing at a phenomenal rate. E-publishing empowers authors as never before. It gives the author more control of their book. Unlike print text, the e-book author is able to connect with their reader by embedding links to their blog, website or email. The author can also embed a video link into their e-book to personally thank the reader for reading their work, and encourage them to read more of their work.  Authors also gain a higher percentage of royalties through e-book publishing.

iphone bookThe first thing you have to do is write a great book. There is no electronic magic that can substitute for the creativity of the writer’s mind. Dedication, persistence, imagination and passion are the ingredients for getting your book written.

This talk can fill a 20-minute, 45-minute or a 60-minute time requirement.

“I attended the writers’ meeting at the San Marcos Library where you spoke to the Piranha’s group Tuesday.  I found your information on e-publishing valuable, and will do more research on that topic as a possible avenue for my own writing.” You were a well-organized and pertinent speaker which I appreciated. You made a number of points that were of value to me.  I felt it was time well-spent.” — Judy Opdycke

To learn more about how to format and market your e-book, contact kaine@e-maginativewriting.com to schedule this talk.