The Wild World of Publishing


ebookIf it feels like everything in the publishing world is topsy-turvy — it is.

The transmission of knowledge by print has experienced a paradigm shift.

From a┬ápresident who uses Twitter to communicate with the populace, to “fake news” that propagates misinformation on Facebook, to the absolute necessity of owning a digital device to keep informed — paper is becoming a thing of the past.

The digital age is forcing the world to face the fact that the long reign of paper and print has been overthrown. Newspapers, bookstores and even libraries are casualties in this digital upheaval.

printing press

The Gutenberg Press
circa 1439

In this presentation, I cover the history of print, beginning in 3000 BC when papyrus was first used by the Egyptians to the present day.

In addition, I explore how the wild world of digital publishing has changed the transmission of knowledge forever.

Today’s digital publishing is like the wild west, uncivilized, unruly, unfettered, and relatively inexpensive — even though this window of creative freedom is rapidly closing.

The right to publish digital books, articles, and magazines will soon become too expensive for authors and independent publishers — but for now . . . it is wild and accessible.