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By everyone’s account, Bennie Uzul deserved what was coming to him, but when he is found floating in the pool with his head bashed in, his murder sends shockwaves through the quiet retirement community of Superstition Way Resort. No one is more devastated than the ladies of the Superstition Aquatics Club who use the pool daily for their water aerobics.

When Chief of Detectives Magnus Varland informs them that the pool is off limits until the murder is solved, they decide it’s up to them to solve the crime so that they can get back to their exercises. With their knowledge of the resort and the people who live there, the ladies, with an average age of eighty, are confident they can find the killer.

As the detective follows the evidence, he is constantly confronted, confounded and amazed by the remarkable sleuthing skills of the Superstition Aquatics Club. When suspicion falls on a member of the club, the ladies do their best to point him in the right direction–if he would only listen. As the case unfolds, an unexpected witness comes forward and reveals that there is a deeper, older and more sinister crime behind it all.