The Living Stones

living stones3
Dr. Rachel Albright, 85, American scholar and anthropologist, is comfortably living out her retirement in London when Sir Colin Danforth, a British diplomat and her spiritual son, makes a surprise visit. He presents her with a badly worn Bible he found in Iran while on a diplomatic mission. She is astonished to find it is her long-lost white Bible that her mother gave her when she was five. The Bible contains a list of names of those who have owned it over the past 80 years.

Sir Colin further surprises her with the news that while in Iran he may have found her daughter Sarah who has been missing for 30 years. If he is correct, she is a prisoner in Teheran’s Evin Prison and under a death sentence.

Freeing Sarah will not be easy. The “Babylon Solution” is tentative at best and securing the release of an American Christian in the midst of negotiations between three powerful nations will be difficult, if not impossible.

As Rachel anxiously waits for news, she spends months tracking down the previous owners of her Bible, believing that when she finds them all her daughter will be freed.