When Gods Collide

Gods Collide 3 FINAL sm cover
The mysterious storyteller, Elyse Honeywell, who took New York society by storm, has been missing for a year. When she resurfaces to invite ten people to her famous Muse Night, they cannot say no. Even a snowstorm cannot keep them away.

In her cozy home, the ten strangers awkwardly settle in and are soon mesmerized as Elyse connects with her muse and begins her story.

She takes them to the year 450 BC, to the courts of Xerxes, king of Persia, and his beautiful, barren queen, Vashti, high priestess of Astarte.

The Persian empire is on the verge of war, and the king lacks an heir. Treachery is all around him. Vashti suffers his wrath and Hagai, Keeper of Women, must summon a skillful healer, Aaron the Jew, to save her life. Over the course of time, an unlikely friendship develops between them. When Vashti can no longer obey the king’s command, she is deposed and disappears. The king begins his search for a new queen among the most beautiful virgins in his vast empire.

As Elyse weaves her transformative tale of two Persian queens who change history forever, the Nor’easter intensifies and her guests realize they are snowbound. No one is going anywhere. As the days pass, arguments ensue, friendships evolve, healing takes place, and love blooms.

When Gods Collide will be available to download soon. Watch for it!